How to Look at Books

Copyright 2018 Olivia Ieraci Ryerson University


Books are an essential part of our everyday lives, as they provide us with the foundation to practice and learn our most important skill: reading. Reading is a huge part of our everyday lives; we read traffic signs on the way to work, we read the news on our devices, we read the recipe on how to make dinner that night. We cannot escape the prominence of reading in our lives, as without it we would not be able to do the simplest tasks in our day to day lives. Besides reading being so impactful in our lives, the book itself is an extremely important object. Books allow for us to explore our curiosities, and to bring us to places we could not even imagine. In the world of books and literatures, you can be anything you want to be; you learn magic, you can explore an ancient world and fight the everlasting battle of good versus evil. Not only can you live out your fantasies, you can also strive to be a better and more rounded person. You can read books that help give you the tools to be carry out a healthier lifestyle, you can read books that will help lead you into a brand new experience, such as books for when you are expecting a child, or books that help you through a hardship in your life. Books are so much more than just books, as they provide you with tools that can impact your life. Books are not just pages that tell your favourite story, they are more than that. They allow for an escape for when things get too tough, and they allow for you to see the world through others. In a way, books are like a blank canvas despite already having words on the page. They allow you to live multiple lives through the protagonist, and allow for you to experience life through the lives of others. Not only can you experience different lives and worlds, you can also be given the confidence to make achievable goals for yourself. It does not matter whether the characters are real or not, or whether or not you do everything that lifestyle book tells you, all that matters is that you are gaining knowledge, which is the most important part of life. Gaining knowledge is essential to being a functioning individuals in life, as without knowledge, there is little that we can do. Through the events that take place through a fantasy novel, or encouragements given through lifestyle books, we are acquiring knowledge. By experiencing a new world of fantasy, we are learning that our imagination can take us places we never thought possible, and through the lifestyle books we realize that everyone views the world differently, and that others have different practices. With this in mind, we realize that books grant us this amazing ability to live different lives, and through this different lives we are given the tools that will shape us into being the protagonist of our own lives.


Works Cited January 2018